Hello friends, I want to share my experience having snaps of a beautiful colorful bird BLACKSMITH BARBET. One day when I was in my work place. During morning time when I stood with my friend Mr. Vikas Upadhyay, we listened a sound of Barbet Bird. The bird was sitting on a Neem tree near a room. I couldn’t took the photos of the bird ever. So I decided to take the snaps of the bird in the coming holidays.

After almost one year when I was out side of my office. I saw that a bird was on the branch of the tree. I went near to the tree and observed that in the dried branch of the tree there was a hole in which the bird was feeding its siblings. I was very happy after getting that the location of the hole is near and above to the room from which I can take the snaps of the bird easily. After that I was waiting for the next holiday in which I could come with my camera and get the photos. After one day of that incident the lock-down was observed and I got the chance to come and take the snaps of the bird. With my son I went to the school and told watchman to bring ladder. Then I climbed on the building with my son and went near to the branch in which the hole was there. The branch was about 7 feet from the terrace. I sit and the position holding the camera so that the bird can not understand my presence and I can take the close snap of the bird. There were two birds one is male and second one is female. We could here the sound of the baby birds clearly. One of the birds came and sit on a branch of the tree and trying to come to feed its babies. But it understood my presence and flew away. After some time it came again and sit on a branch which was on the height of the tree, from where it gradually came down jumping from one branch to another and started looking me from a branch and again flew away. After waiting it to come to the hole for one hour I decided to go back. So leaved the place and started walking on the terrace. I saw that my son was also getting tired. He was started feeling thirsty.

But I thought that if I will go back then I will not get another chance. After some days the birds will fly away. I have already taken some snaps of the bird when it was on the other branches but I wanted to take some closeups. But I do not want to leave the place before taking the close shots. Then I changed my position and stood some distance from the branch, with my camera holding on my right hand like a tree. Then I saw that it slowly came to the branch looking here and there and into the hole. After feeding it came out and flew away. It was the time when I took some valuable snaps. Photography of birds needs patience. If you have patience then you can get some closeups which was never had before. Those who are bird photographer know better.


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COPPER-SMITH BARBET- Taking food for young-ones.

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