A Visit to Chillar Dam Shajapur


Nobody is there in the world who do not like colourful birds. These colourful birds make our life, our earth beautiful. We should take care of these birds. Many of us are not in a position to identify these birds. I was also not in a position to identify these birds two years ago. But my hobby of photography making me familiar with these birds.

This is the picture of White Throated Kingfisher. It likes to eat fishes and it is good fisher so it is called Kingfisher, means king in fishing. I wanted to take a close snapshot of this beautiful bird so I went to Chillar Dam in Shajapur, which 65 km away from my home town. When I went to this dam I did not know about the birds I could get near the dam. I did not know that I could take some close snap shots of Kingfisher. When I went to this dam I saw that on a small cemented bridge, which was situated on the canal came out from the dam. I saw that Common Kingfisher, White throated kingfisher and Ababil birds were sitting on a wire going parallel to the bridge, about 10 feet distance from the bridge. It was a great chance me to have close snap shots of these birds. So enjoy these birds and like my post and follow my blog. Thank you.

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